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Emergency service for damages with water, fire, mold, and much more

Natural disasters, birds, graffiti, and pollution can all damage a building’s exterior surfaces, gutters, awnings, and pavements. The resulting mess can also lower a property’s perceived value and turn away potential customers and buyers. Structural cleaning is the process of cleaning, treating, and restoring surfaces on a home or commercial building. When surface damage occurs, a professional cleaning can be the only way to mitigate further damage. At Contents Restoration Services, we specialize in cleaning and restoring exterior surfaces in the greater Charlotte area. Our certified technicians can clean and treat even the tallest buildings and hard-to-reach areas without the use of scaffolding. Our mission is to clean building surfaces and structural elements to eliminate or reduce the costs involved to replace that which can be salvaged and restored.

Structural Cleaning Applications
Structural cleaning is a good investment. A professional cleaning will help maintain a building’s structural integrity and keep it beautiful, which is important for those wanting to sell or lease a property. We perform structural surface cleaning for homeowners, property managers, government buildings, hospitals, hotels, parking garages, shopping malls, and building contractors across the Charlotte metro area. Our IICRC certified technicians work directly with on-site management, making sure that all the work is performed safely and in a timely manner. We can also work on buildings at night or on the weekend, eliminating the need to close off areas and disrupt commerce. If your property has had surface damage, let us can give you back a healthy, beautiful, and habitable building with our certified structural cleaning services.

Structural Cleaning Process
A building surface can be damaged by construction, pollution, rust, and mold, and should be professionally cleaned and treated to mitigate further unsightly damage. Our certified technicians can clean surfaces made of concrete, brick, stone, metal, and wood. If the building has suffered from a fire, smoke and soot can penetrate structural elements and, if not treated, damage vital components including pipes and electrical systems located inside walls, ceilings, and floors. We can clean, restore, and eliminate dangerous contaminations and foul odors caused by fire damage. If your building has suffered water damage, our technicians can clean and treat water stains on building facades, door frames, doors, windows, and rooftops and mitigate mold and mildew damage. With water damage, rust and rot can attack structural elements, and mold and mildew can spread quickly and pose a health threat to people and animals. We use a variety of cleaning techniques that include surface blasting, hot and cold pressure washing, and steam cleaning to ensure that our structural cleaning services can be safely performed on homes and commercial properties, and often without the need for harsh chemicals.

Why Choose Contents Restoration Services?
Our structural cleaning services are highly affordable, and we have an excellent safety record. Since every building is affected differently by disasters, accidents, and vandalism, we custom quote each job ensuring that the property gets cleaned and restored in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary costs. If the damage is covered by your insurance, we can complete and submit all the required paperwork to obtain the best insurance payout available for you. Our friendly technicians are fully certified and insured, and in addition to our 24/7 emergency services, we also offer evening and weekend services to minimize the effects on you or your customers. Call Contents Restoration Services now at (704) 412-3030 for a free, no-obligation evaluation for structural cleaning services, or complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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