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Contents Restoration Services (CRS) provides identification and complete safe removal, remediation, and regulated disposal of asbestos waste. We service Charlotte and the surrounding areas and can be at your location the same day to test for any suspected asbestos materials. In a closed environment, asbestos can easily become airborne if disturbed and can take 24-72 hours to fully settle, which is why it is important to have a professional company identify and remove the waste. Don’t risk exposure, let us identify and professionally handle and remove asbestos from your property today.

What is Asbestos?
Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring silicate minerals made up of thin, microscopic fibers that were widely used in the construction industry in the 20th century. Its heat-resistant properties and bountiful supply made it ideal for insulation in residential and commercial buildings alike. Builders used asbestos in various ways, including insulating attics and walls, making floor tiles and their backing, making roofing shingles, creating textured paint and patching compounds, and made as sheets to wrap around hot water and steam pipes. Asbestos was used in the building of homes, schools, commercial buildings, and even hospitals. Left alone, asbestos is not a dangerous substance, however when anything made of or coated in asbestos is disturbed, either by cleaning, moving, or demolition, tiny fibers are released into the air. Prolonged exposure to asbestos will increase the risk of developing lung disease, mesothelioma, and asbestosis, and symptoms may take decades to develop. After several years of independent study, scientists were able to convince lawmakers to outlaw the use of asbestos in 1990. If you discover materials that you believe to be made of asbestos, then stop work immediately. Put up a warning sign that there is asbestos in the area and make sure that nobody enters the space. Call Contents Restoration Services (CRS) now at (704) 412-3030 for rapid-response asbestos identification and let us safely and completely remove it from your property.

Asbestos Today
There are still thousands of buildings in this country that have asbestos in them, and the removal of asbestos should only be done by licensed and experienced professionals. Home and commercial building buyers should be aware of any asbestos on the property but should not pass on a property merely because it contains asbestos. Provided the asbestos is professionally identified, handled, and removed, there should be no worry regarding toxic exposure. At CRS, we have many years of experience in asbestos removal from both renovation and demolition work. Our certified technicians will inspect and verify the location of any asbestos in your building and outline the removal and cleanup process, which includes regulated disposal. In North Carolina, solid waste rules require that asbestos waste be disposed of in approved municipal solid waste landfills only and cannot be burned. The main reason burning is prohibited is because burned asbestos can remain in the air for several hours, which places nearby people and animals at risk of exposure.


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