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Has your property recently been damaged? Do you require emergency door or window boarding services in Charlotte, NC, to protect your property and valuables? At Contents Restoration Services, we offer 24-hour emergency board and tarp-up services. Our team can be at your location quickly to board and tarp-up your building after an accident, fire, flood, vandalism, or act of nature. We have over 10 years of experience in the board up industry and understand how to correctly secure and protect your property in preparation for repair, sale, relocation, or demolition.
What is Boarding Up?
Boarding up a residential or commercial property is the act of using custom cut-to-fit materials to seal up missing or broken doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and floors. Protecting property is necessary after an accident or break-in, even if the damage is minor. Plywood is the most common material used to board up a building, but depending on the need, other materials such as tarps, gates, steel or aluminum sheeting can also be used to board up a property. There are several reasons why boarding up a building is needed, such as protecting a damaged and abandoned building against trespassing and looting, protecting people from embedded glass in the frame of a broken window or glass door, and preventing further damage from the elements. Regardless of the reason, Contents Restoration Services is ready to board up and secure your property temporarily or indefinitely.

How We Board Up
Residential and commercial properties are boarded up using sheets of boarding material, generally plywood, and are cut to size and fastened to the building with lag screws. The drilling to fasten boards to a building is required to hold the boards in place securely and can easily be repaired once removed. We work alongside police and fire services and adhere to strict operating procedures to quickly secure your property after a disaster.

How Much Does Boarding Cost?
Our boarding and tarp-up rates are competitive and will vary depending on the amount of boarding up a building requires. Fortunately, most instances are covered wholly or partially by home or business insurance. Our team are fully prepared to estimate and complete all the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurance company for boarding up and tarping up of your property. In addition to providing boarding up services in the Charlotte area, we also offer fire, smoke, water and mold damage repair and restoration services.


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