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Emergency service for damages with water, fire, mold, and much more


After a water disaster, mold can grow and spread quickly. Mold can be incredibly harmful to your health, and with prolonged exposure, black mold can even be fatal. For people who are symptomatic, the side effects of breathing in mold over time include sore throat, rashes, puffy eyes, respiratory infections, and fatigue. Children and seniors can be especially vulnerable to mold. Mold needs the right amount of moisture and food to grow and spread. Food for mold within a structure is wood, textiles, drywall and many other sources within a home or business. Water damage can allow mold to grow out of control which is one of the many reasons why it is so important to call a restoration professional after a water disasterin your home or business.

Contents Restoration Services (CRS) have the experience and tools needed to locate, identify, and remove mold and mildew from your property after a disaster.


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CRS services Charlotte and surrounding areas, including Monroe, Harrisburg, and Kannapolis.


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