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Emergency service for damages with water, fire, mold, and much more

At Contents Restoration Services (CRS), we offer commercial and residential packing, moving, and storage solutions for customers that need their items protected due to disaster, relocation, or renovation. We carefully inventory and photograph, pack and remove, and store your valuable property in our secure, temperate-controlled facility, which is fully staffed with trained technicians who can provide you access to your items at any time by appointment. When ready, we carefully return and replace every item to the same location and position that we found it in. We will also replace and set up all electrical items that were removed for cleaning and storage, including IT, security, and entertainment equipment. We understand how important your personal and commercial belongings are to you and your business, and we will treat them with the same care and respect as if they were our own.

Document Restoration
At CRS, our friendly and discreet team of certified technicians are trained and experienced in recovering and restoring your important documents of significance, including paper documents, books, maps, drawings, and pastels. When possible, we will clean and restore your items from fire, smoke, and water damage using the latest water extraction methods available. Our equipment can detect the smallest amount of water to further discover and solve any moisture issues.

Furniture Restoration
After a fire, smoke, or water damage, surviving office furniture may require professional cleaning and restoration instead of expensive replacement. Our team of restoration experts are ready to analyze and recommend cleaning and treatment services for items that include conference tables and chairs, shelves and cabinets, and millwork, which includes doors, banisters, and mantels. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can also professionally clean, treat and restore fabrics and leather items.

Carpet and Flooring Restoration
Carpets and floors are the most heavily used furnishings in any building and often the most expensive to install and replace. After visual inspection of damaged flooring and carpets, we will vacuum, pre-treat, and use hot water extraction to thoroughly clean and remove smoke odors and any mold and mildew growth. Let our dedicated technicians clean and restore your flooring and carpets back to their pre-disaster condition.

Insurance Claims
When it comes to property damage and loss, you can count on CRS to simplify the insurance claim process for you. During your property damage analysis, our technicians will create a digital inventory and complete a total loss inventory for your non-salvageable items. We have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies to ensure that your claim is fully and quickly accepted, and not underestimated.

Why Choose Contents Restoration Services?
Our technicians are ready to quickly respond to your home or business property packing and removal needs. During an emergency, we can be at your location in about an hour to protect your possessions from further damage with our 24/7 emergency response team. We have over 15 years of experience in cleaning, treating, and restoring property and valuables in the Charlotte area. Our technicians are certified, trained, and highly equipped to handle most any property damage. If your property or belongings need to be carefully inventoried, removed, stored, and restored, call CRS today at (704) 412-3030 for a free estimate.

Emergency Service?

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